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Truth Be Told and Servant, new episodes available

As expected, the new episodes of the series were released yesterday on Apple TV + Truth Be Told is Servant. The first is a crime series where the investigative element dominates: Truth Be Told it embraces the crime genre and is conceived by Nichelle Tramble Spellman, among the actors we find Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul.

The second series to enrich an unpublished episode is the new thriller by M. Night Shyamalan, popular director who with Servant (available from November 28) brings mysterious and gloomy atmospheres on Apple's streaming service. The story focuses on a couple who face the death of their child by relying on a particular form of therapy. They hire a nanny to take care of the therapeutic doll, used to cope with the loss of their son, when strange events start to happen. The whole show takes place in one place, a feature that according to Shyamalan gives the series a more theatrical aspect.

Both episode six of are now available Truth Be Told that episode seven of Servant, in closing we leave you to watch the two trailers.