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Tivoli iYiYi arrives in Italy

IYiYi, a new high quality radio with iPod interface produced by Tivoli, arrives in Italy

iYiYi which is pronounced "aiaiai", the result of a kind of return to its Italic roots by the founder of Tivoli, Tom De Vesto, but also of a nod to the fever from "i" (American "ai", in fact) which pervades the American society, marries small dimensions and great aesthetic care, with excellent performance and sound power. For this, the latest generation of speakers have been used, equipped with a special magnetic shielding that ensures great sound cleaning, and sophisticated audio tuning and reproduction devices that form the heart of the iYiYi.

Conceived on the basis of the Songbook digital tuner, iYiYi is a radio with advanced features: it presents, in fact, a high sensitivity AM / FM digital tuner for clear and precise reception, an internal and external FM antenna and an internal AM antenna. Radio stations can be selected manually or through 5 memory keys with automatic station search function.

Available in black and white, the radio has rubber-coated knobs on the front, while the dock to accommodate the iPod, thanks to seven adapters, can accommodate any model, with the sole exception of the shuffle. The LCD display, which lights up blue when necessary, makes use of RDS (Radio Data System) technology, useful for giving information relating to the songs being listened to. It is equipped with an alarm and a sleep function, with which you can wake up to the sound of your playlist or your favorite radio station. An auxiliary input and a stereo headphone output as well as a mixing input allow you to mix the sound of a computer internally with another source. The internal transformer; iYiYi is supplied with a remote control that manages all the functions of both the iYiYi and the iPod.

iYiYi distributed exclusively in Italy by Definitive Audio (Tel. 02 / 42.24.726 * at a recommended retail price of 449 euros.