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Tilt Brush, to paint in virtual reality with HTC Vive

Google's 3D painting app is already available for the HTC Vive headset

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Anyone, in front of their favorite picture, thought at least once that it would have been nice to see it come out of the frame, however beautiful, and take shape. Being next to those who signed those works and understanding how they took shape in his head. Well, now, at least for those who are able to create art, there is the possibility of draw in virtual reality.

This is why it was designedTilt Brush, the Google app for HTC Vive to paint in 3D. Chosen colors and brush, you can start creating with simple hand gestures. The room and the environment in which the painter is located make canvas, with the difference that in that canvas you can move while drawing.

Google brought Tilt Brush to the Google Cultural Institute Lab in Paris and has already been tried by artists from all over the world and specialists in different disciplines.


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