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The impact of OsX on Linux

The impact of OsX on Linux | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Maybe not everyone knows about SlashDot, but they should. SlashDot the reference on the net for the linux community, where the most varied issues related to technology and the network are addressed, and can count on a very high number of daily contacts, to the point that a simple question on MacOS X has triggered the reaction of over 600 comments in the early hours of publication. The question was deliberately provocative and asked if MacOS X could be a true competitor for Linux since it is based on Unix, and has many of the advantages of a Linux system in terms of power and flexibility, while solving the first of the problems, that is simplicity of installation and management at client level. The reactions were the most disparate, some with a good dose of commonplaces on Apple, others much more thoughtful: the first note that is moved to OS X is not portability on the x86 platform, forcing all purchase of Apple machines, according to some expensive compared to the self-assembled x86. The theme of proprietary hardware is the dominant reason for most comments, even the most sensible ones, in fact it would make it difficult to develop drivers for peripherals not yet supported, as well as the adoption of proprietary solutions for scientific and measuring instruments. This also includes the second most present theme: although in part the code is OpenSource, the product is not entirely and remains paid, an insurmountable obstacle for many of the most radical Linux users. Finally there are also positive comments, finally a system powerful and within reach of the end user, with a pleasant though too eye-catching interface. For many, the new OS is also seen as a concrete step forward for reducing Microsoft's market share … if we are right, we will be the first to enjoy it.

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