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The anti-Clinton judge is now against Gates

The anti-Clinton judge now against Gates | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Kenneth Starr in the group of lawyers who adhere to government demands in the Microsoft trial. The lawyer, known worldwide for being Bill Clinton's accuser during the Whitewater affair, has in fact contributed to the drafting of one of the documents supporting the DOJ's requests presented to the court of appeal in recent days. Starr's appearance among those who believe that the separation into two different entities of Microsoft produces advantages for the American competitive system was seen by observers as a significant moment, if not a real turning point compared to the rumors of recent days. Starr, in fact, a well-known conservative, very influential in those same circles who contributed to the Bush elections. "This is a strong message to the court – said Bill Kovacic, an anti-trust expert from the Washington University School of Law – Starr a severe convector and former member of the same Court of Appeal. His presence among the signatories adds a lot of credibility to the positions of the DOJ "" As for me, I have no more doubts – said Starr in an interview with C / Net – that Microsoft has a monopoly in operating systems and that this monopoly has been used used against the law. All this destroyed the competition. This is the crux of the case ?. According to Starr there are very clear documents that things went exactly as painted by the Justice Department: "Just read the e-mails – said the accuser of Clinton – Microsoft clearly said that the goal was to crush the competition. This state has been pursued methodically, first through contracts and then using the writing of the operating systems code "Starr seems to fully share the positions of Judge Jackson, also known for having been an ultra-conservative and hyperliberist. "Jackson's provisions – said Starr – can remedy this situation. It is not about regulating the market, but about eliminating the structural barriers that prevent free competition after competition has been crushed over the past few years. "

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