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Tax results tomorrow

Tax results tomorrow Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Significant appointments for Apple have not ended after MacWorld. This week, for example, will be marked by the presentation of the tax results. Tomorrow at 11 pm (Italian time) the head of financial operations, Fred Anderson, will appear in front of journalists to sector analysts to inform them of the trend of the last quarter. Many of the details on the matter are already known and are not positive. For example, the quarter that ended in late December will be the first, after three years, to show a result in red. As our readers have known to damage Apple's finances were external factors, the IT crisis, and internal factors, the non-renewal of the range, uncompetitive processors, errors in positioning in the Cube product line. Everything prevented us from reaching our sales targets and growing our warehouse up to 11 weeks when it was only eight weeks before the Expo in July.Apple, at the announcement of the crisis period, underlined that during the past quarter would have taken drastic measures to cure the root of the evil, measures that would have led to considerable losses such as the liquidation at discounted prices of the machines in stock. the result should be a quarter in which the reduced margins and sales not in line with the forecasts will have generated profits below $ 600 million compared to the previous forecasts and losses of $ 250 million. But beyond the mere results financial tomorrow's conference, which Steve Jobs could also attend, could also be useful for understand what Apple is planning to do for the future. Traditionally, conferences for the presentation of tax results, in fact, give indications on general strategic lines and provide small clues on the products of tomorrow.Macity, as always, will closely follow the progress of the event and provide a timely report to its readers with services specials and insights.

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