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Solar Bikini: the iPod is charged on the beach with solar energy

Solar Bikini: the iPod is charged on the beach with solar energy | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Would you like to go to the beach sure that your iPod cannot be discharged? Now you can, but not with the help of the usual portable battery; a … bikini will suffice! You read that right: the American inventor Andrew Schneider has developed a particular two-piece that will recharge your Apple mp3 player.

Like? thanks to the photovoltaic film strips that cover the entire surface of the bikini and that will be able to store sunlight. It will be possible to lie on your towel to renew your tan while listening to your iPod. Connected to the USB socket incorporated in the slip, it will always remain in charge; just keep an eye on the sun and clouds, and close the other on the style, which does not seem exactly impeccable, of the swimsuit.

The boys will not have to try the bikini too: the iDrink, the male boxer style version, which promises an even greater surface for energy collection, is coming soon.

An accessory that uses renewable energy and that does not go very well with water. So forget about swimming: the goal of your days at the beach or in the pool will be to store sunlight, on the body and on the costume.

Thanks for the report to Maurizio di Gravio.

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