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Rex: the remote control for FrontRow

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The "retractable" remote control that can take the place of the Apple Remote supplied with all new portable and non-portable Macs (excluding the Mac Pro) is called Rex. The possibility of disappearing for reserved only for Mac Book Pro equipped with an Express Card slot: in fact, the dimensions of Rex correspond to those of an Express card.

The cost to the public of the infrared remote control, perfectly compatible with Front Row and with the same range as the original of 29.95 Dollars. The keys are the same as the original but arranged without the characteristic ring configuration. Obviously it also works with third parties that integrate or extend the functionality of the remote control.

Rex also works with Apple TV and with the Universal Dock for iPod also equipped with IRDA sensor. To find out more, please refer to the manufacturer page, at the moment it does not seem to have distributors in our country.

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