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Real like Netscape?

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Real is losing ground in favor of Windows Media Player. Merryl Linch's research published yesterday said that "Real continues to run the risk of suffering the fate that Netscape has suffered against Internet Explorer". Based on the beliefs of the financial analysis company that has downgraded the title of RealNetworks, a MediaMetrix research according to which the use of RealPlayaer dropped by 10% in the second half of last year while the use of Windows Media Player grew by 30% The claims of Merryl Linch, added to the belief that the titles of RealNetworks are overrated compared to the real profitability, they have led to a 7% drop in the value of the prices. This is true even though many other analysts do not share the argument that Microsoft could do Real what it did with Netscape. "Real's market share – says Justin Post, a Deutsche Banc analyst Alex Brown – counts twice as many users of Windows Media Player. It is all about adjustments "" Microsoft is a competitor – says Heath Terry of Credit Suisse First Boston – but the dynamics of streaming on the Internet very different from that of a navigator. "

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