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Pro keyboards on AppleStore

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Finally the new Pro keyboards are on sale. Silently, as on many previous occasions, Apple has returned to offering the Pro keyboard on its online store. The peripheral, launched during the month of July at MacWorld in New York and announced as one of the small big Apple revolutions for the summer, had initially been put up for sale, then deleted from the price lists. Shortly after the launch, in fact, Cupertino had found compatibility problems with the old hardware and the consequent impossibility of using all the keys (volume up, volume down, mute and disc ejection). Some ingenious users had also managed to find the system to operate the keyboard using some USB elements contained in the USB Developer Kit distributed free of charge by Apple, but the lack of the product on the market had in fact rendered these efforts useless. The Pro keyboard, however, has continued to represent the standard equipment of the new machines.Apple can now re-propose the keyboard thanks to the release of MacOs 9.1 which fully supports on all USB machines, even the recalcitrant keys with MacOs 9.04.It still remains unsolved the problem that prevents the use of new keyboards with older Macs with third-party USB cards. Apple had promised to deliver a CD with the same keyboards that would allow the update of the operating system so as to make them usable even by those who do not have a Mac with integrated USB port. Some American users have received said CD and some have not received it. Macity awaits feedback from its readers

The version on sale on Apple obviously the infamous QWERTY version. Its cost of 129,000 lire plus VAT.

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