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Portable video with iPod and inMotion iMV712

Watch movies and TV shows contained in iPod comfortably seated in an armchair even while traveling and without connecting the player to the TV or trying to scrutinize the defined but reduced size of images on the screen integrated into the player. These are the needs that Altec Lansing aims to satisfy with inMotion iMV712, a multimedia system that brings together audio and video in a single solution.

iMV712 combines speakers with a 8.5 ? high resolution LCD screen, where you can view the videos loaded on your iPod. The screen is centrally located between two loudspeakers that make use of the proprietary SFX (Stereo Field Expander) technology which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees high sound power and enhanced stereo effect.

iMV712, compatible with iPod video, incorporates an Apple universal dock, which also allows the charging function, and a cradle that supports any other MP3 / 4 device. The package also includes an AUX input and a wireless remote control to remotely control both the speakers and the iPod.

The product, distributed in Italy by ADL American Datatine, will be available from spring 2007 at electronics stores and on the website at a suggested end user price of ? 399.99 (including VAT).