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Photocute 3 USB

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PhotoChute 3 Usb a new device created by Antec cher allows you to read and write on the memory media normally used by portable devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones and hand-held computers. In particular "PhotoChute 3" compatible with CompactFlash, SmartMedia formats and with Pcmcia cards of all types. The device put a complete solution that connects to the computer via the USB port. and particularly useful for transferring high-speed digital images with PC or Mac, or for storing them on a memory card. The device operates in a bidirectional mode and capable of both reading and writing on memory cards. The speed of the USB port takes full advantage of the transfer speed of 1.5 Mbytes per second, or about five times faster than the standard connections (e.g. parallel or serial port) supplied with many digital cameras. swap allows you to insert and disconnect memory cards without having to turn off the system. The price of the device is 185,000 lire + VAT.

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