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Philips buys Dlo

Philips buys Dlo | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Philips purchased Digital Lifestyle Outfitter.

The incorporation, confirmed by some news agencies, the reliefs for the Apple and iPod world. The American company, more simply known as Dlo, in fact one of the world's leading manufacturers of accessories for the Cupertino player. His are the popular Homedock, the Transdock for cars, the iBoom and the Action Jacket armbands. Dlo also produces some interesting cases such as the Twister for iPod nano, the Flipfolio and the Relaxed Leather Cases. In the line there are also accessories for other pocket devices such as the Zune and some Motorola phones.

Philips plans to include Dlo's products in its Peripherals & Accessories division. The American company's revenue last year was $ 100 million; the incorporation will be completed by June.

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