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Palm loses another top manager

Palm loses another top manager | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Bill Maggs, CTO, Palm's Chief Technology Officer, has announced his resignation. The unexpected news has sparked attention and some apprehension in the world of analysts and observers of the platform. Maggs, in fact, as well as being one of the most important figures of the management of the Santa Clara company, was behind some important development projects, including those related to wireless communications which are thought to definitively launch the PalmOs as one of the dominant operating systems of the future. "The departure of Maggs – says Robert Enderle of Giga Group – comes after that of many other managers who had contributed to the creation of some important PalmOs and Palm hardware technologies. This is not a good signal because much of what is in PalmOs today has been created by people who are no longer there. " The news would become even more worrying, Enderle says, if we consider that in Silicon Valley it is rumored that Handspring and Sony would be considering alternatives to PalmOs "nobody feels comfortable if he has to buy an operating system from a competitor". Other analysts believe instead of being too early to say what Maggs' departure will entail. Others, such as Matt Sargent of ARS, openly claim that this is not a real problem "they have solid technology and good economic results. I don't think this event will take them astray. ?Maggs, who will stay with Palm for a couple of months as a consultant, could decide to open his own company focused precisely on wireless technologies.

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