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OKI DP-7000: quality prints on large formats

OKI has introduced a new high resolution color printer, the "DP-7000", capable of reproducing color images on formats larger than A3 and with a resolution of 2400 dots per inch and capable of operating on almost all types of support (from cardboard to plastic, and on both sides).

The DP-7000 can print in CMYK color mode, but also equipped with special colors such as Spot (red, green, blue), silvery, metallic, white and lacquered.

Destined for the professional graphics and design market, the DP-7000 is already available in the Macintosh version (connects via USB port, or, with a kit to be purchased separately, on the SCSI port) and includes PostScript emulation. DP-7000 will be available in February in the Macintosh version at the price of Lire 4,600,000 + VAT. The Windows version will be released in April.

(Edited by Newton)