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Official: Google thinks of a cellphone

Official: Google thinks of a cellphone | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Google is working on a cell phone. No question mark in this case because the news, which has been around for several days as an indiscretion, has finally been confirmed by an official source: Isabel Aguilera, general manager of Google for the markets of Spain and Portugal.

According to reports from the Spanish magazine, Google researchers at the moment would simply be at the preliminary stage of development, indeed they would not even have reached it yet since in the laboratories of the Californian company at the moment they would simply be evaluating the feasibility of the device in relation to future strategies.

"10% of our engineers' time" he told Aguillera "is reserved for products that in the near future could have something to do with our business." This category would include the mobile phone whose purpose would be to access information and to give access to the same information in the context of less developed economies.

Google, in short, has yet to understand if and how to make its mobile phone, but if it arrives it does not seem that it will go on a collision course with iPhone. From the description made it seems that the hypothesis followed is not that of a high-end mobile phone, but of a convergent device but placed on a medium-low range, whose purpose would essentially be to give access to the online services offered by the Mountain view.

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