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Microsoft: war on piracy

Microsoft: war on piracy Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft has decided to fight thoroughly the hacking of its products and to do so has decided to resurrect the "activation" procedure of the software that it had introduced and then withdrawn at the launch of Office. The system then as now consists of a procedure that is implemented by the software during installation. While the various components are placed on the hard disk, a special routine takes care of collecting various hardware information and generates a "key" which, together with the product identification key, necessary to make the software work. This key sent to Microsoft, by telephone or via the Internet, will be necessary to obtain the actual activation code. This system had been widely criticized by Microsoft users because it could potentially be a system to steal information that they want to keep private. This time, however, Microsoft provides guarantees in this regard. When the activation procedure will be introduced with Whistler, successor of Windows 2000, no private information will be collected nor, even less, will the hard disk be scanned. It shouldn't be necessary, Microsoft says, not even to have a new key even if you add new components and peripherals. "Only if the system is completely changed – they say to Microsoft – will it be necessary to have a new key available". A new key will also be required for those who reformat their HD for any reason. According to Redmond, this methodology will eliminate the use of the same copy of software on different machines. In fact, the activation code, once generated, will no longer be valid to install the same product on a machine than that of the first installation. Some analysts point out that the protection system that will be introduced by Microsoft on all its products will stop more than piracy that makes copying a business, copies between end users. At the moment it is not clear if and how Microsoft intends to introduce the activation code on its Macintosh products.

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