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Microsoft KO sites for 24 hours

Microsoft KO sites for 24 hours Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Serious difficulties for all users who in the last 24 have tried to reach Microsoft sites. For a whole day the domains, msn.con, and many others related to the Redmond company, including the hugely popular HotMail, were virtually unreachable causing inconvenience for all those who sought technical documentation, information and patches .The problem was traced back to the most disparate causes, not least an attack by hackers, but overnight Microsoft issued a press release in which it attributed to a routers configuration error the disappearance of its sites from the web space. "It was an error from our technicians – said a Microsoft spokesman – not a hardware or software problem or an intrusion by hackers. Once the configuration files have been replaced, the situation has returned to normal ?In reality, Microsoft itself struggled to understand what was happening yesterday, not excluding any hypothesis. "We do not know if it is a DOS (Denial of Service) attack, when we ascertain it – Microsoft had said – we will let you know" What happened, an event that has touched tens of thousands of users since Microsoft among the first sites visited in the world on the Internet, it annoyed the users, some of whom questioned the setting of the internal network of the window company. For example, all Microsoft DNS are placed on the same network "It is like putting all the managers of a company – said an IT systems expert – if something goes wrong a disaster". Other large sites, on the contrary, have placed their DNS on different networks so that they can always offer a minimum service even in serious cases of technical malfunctions. "We have no knowledge of the size of Microsoft – said DNS specialist Stuart Bailey, head of InfoBlox, a company that produces DNS servers – who made a similar decision. The data must be distributed on various machines and on various networks. This is, in addition to the rest, a configuration that could prove disastrous in terms of security. ?Ironically, problems with Microsoft's domains come in the midst of a US campaign launched by Redmond to support its network business in contrast to that of Oracle, IBM and SUN

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