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Microsoft and the Mac, what you wanted to know

Microsoft and the Mac, what you wanted to know | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft and the Mac and maybe even a few more details. To satisfy your curiosities about the past (recent), the present and the future of the relationship between Redmond and Apple just read an interview published today by ZDNet Investor. Obviously, this is not about indiscretions, gossip and hidden implications, but about everything concerning the development of applications and the projects of the window company and our platform. Obviously, after the development of MacWorld, the MacOs X version of Office l 'most interesting element of the interview. "We worked with Apple for three years on this project – said Kevin Browne, head of Microsoft's Mac unit -; Before announcing its strategies on MacOs X, Apple consult all its major developers, including us of course. Our problem was to take the 25 million lines of Office code, improve them and at the same time make them compatible with MacOs X. It was not a simple task. But at Apple they have been extremely diligent in meeting all our needs. Now we are in a position to say that the work has begun and that even if there is still a long way to go we are determined to release a version for MacOs X of Office ". According to Browne to date, the team that takes care of the development has not yet encountered insurmountable difficulties in writing the new code "even if this – warns the manager of Microsoft – could happen tomorrow". The promise of the release of international versions of Office for MacOs X at the same time or a short distance from the American version which in turn should be ready in the autumn is interesting. Recall that Microsoft to date does not have an Italian version of Office Mac: 2001 but also that the localization of software for MacOs X should be extremely simpler than those written for MacOs 9. Speaking of Office 2001 Browne has been very satisfied . The suite, released last fall, has been sold in 250,000 copies to date. ?We had a lot of help from Apple in achieving these numbers – says Browne – Office was launched at the MacWorld Expo and then also presented in Paris. We really appreciated this commitment. ?Browne's judgment on MacOs X is rather cautious. While praising the elegance of design and innovation, the Microsoft manager says "that Apple has yet to make any progress in integrating the functionality of MacOs X and the sophistication that lies in the new operating system. I think they will make it. We have seen great progress from the first releases to today "Browne is not too unbalanced even on future products for MacOs X." I am not able to say much about Windows Media Player – says Browne – I do not know where the unit is located he is working on it which is not under my control. As for FrontPage there are exceptional competitors, such as Dreamwever and GoLive, I don't know there are opportunities for development and success ". As far as games are concerned, the release of Halo for Mac and agreements that will bring the latest Microsoft products to our platform are confirmed. Redmond also intends to make all its pointing devices and keyboards compatible with MacOs. Finally, as regards the San Francisco Browne hardware, it appears particularly interested in the new PB. "As an employee of Microsoft and head of a unit that works on Mac products – reads the interview – I always have two laptops with me, one Windows and one Apple. What I have always found uncomfortable the weight of those of Apple. So I can't wait to get my hands on Titanium. The idea of ??superdrive, which writes and reads DVDs, seems really appealing to me "

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