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Messenger reaches 900 million users

More and more platform in its own right, Messenger introduces direct links, codes and user names to the Pages, so that users can communicate more easily with companies


Messengercontinues straight on its way as a platform in its own right compared to Facebook. And with 900 million users per month, today it also puts some news on the plate of independence: Messenger Codes, links is Usernames. They are all tools aimed at the user with a view to greater and more agile dialogue with companies.

It starts from the prominence of the username: each page has a unique username which can be set and changed. Usernames will soon be visible directly on the Pages, under the title preceded by the symbol "@"And will correspond to the custom URL (so, in the case of a custom URL, that will also become the username). Each username will be unique, so the recognition of the company you are looking for will be easier.

I will also be added link to Messenger, to start a conversation directly. Same purpose will have i Codes: are unique and can be scanned on Messenger using the mobile phone camera to start a conversation with the company.


Companies can use Messenger links and Messenger codes in listings, on their websites or in any other marketing channel.


It also opens up the possibility for them introduce greetings, customizable company messages that are displayed in a new conversation before sending messages.


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