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MacOs X, other news in store

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We have learned that the MacOs X beta purchased shortly after its presentation at the MacWorld Expo in Paris compared to the progress made by the new generation operating system in the context of the San Francisco review. Steve Jobs at that time showed us many innovations and a few steps back in search of some of the functions of the current MacOs invoked by many users. But this really seems nothing if you want to take for granted the rumors that Apple's engineers still have a lot of unpublished news in store and that will only appear when the definitive version of the operating system is launched. feverish when I secretly work around MacOs X to implement a series of innovative interface functions and Dennis Sellers code on Maccentral. MacOs X product manager Sheila Annis explicitly stated that "there are many surprises in store for the final release". What they are is not revealed. To get some more information you have to turn to some site dedicated to rumors such as MacOs Rumors that agrees on the number of news and lists some of them. Version 2E14, an advanced beta of the OS, presents, for example, all the tasks performed by the interface are now much faster, in some cases even 400% compared to the public beta. In particular, copying and network access are truly impressive. Thanks to the optimization for AltiVec which all applications benefit but now also the same operating system. Speaking of applications, it seems that the new Macs with the San Francisco MPC 7450s (which have three AltiVec units) it is practically impossible to block or even slow down the interface animations even by applying Photoshop filters on very large files. Mosr Apple would later find the system to redirect many of the tasks not optimized for the Velocity Engine to the Mac's AltiVec unit. If this were the case, applications not optimized for AltiVec would be able to benefit, thanks to a sort of "interpreter" built within the operating system, of the G4 processors even if at a lower level than that of "native" applications. For all those who, however, will not have a G4 in a short time Apple would be thinking of a non-animated version of Aqua. In this way the processor would not suffer excessive "stress" from the interface. But MacOs Rumors does not seem to have certain information on this aspect.

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