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Live streaming, YouTube against Facebook and Periscope

Google would be working on an app called YouYube Connect, which would enter the direct competition

In fact, only he is missing: it seems that Google is working on an app for live streaming that should be called "YouTube Connect".

The company has not yet confirmed the rumors launched by VentureBeat, but some sources claim that the application in question will have roughly the same functions as Periscope on Twitter and Facebook Live.

The user will be able to connect to the app using the Google or YouTube profile and start streaming. There will be tagging and chat options, and a news feed where you can find all the direct and clips of your contacts. You can choose to save the video or not, and still the app does not provide authentication via Facebook or Twitter (direct competitors).

With the arrival of Facebook Live, Meerkat has already given way after a year of intense competition with Periscope, but YouTube has a sort of "right of first refusal" on everyone when it comes to video. Will he still be able to hold the lead? Facebook has been following for quite some time.

In an interview with, Manuel Bronstein, head of YouTube Consumer Product said "In general, we think of YouTube as synonymous with video … live has always been a part of the video, a very exciting part".


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