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iPhone won't turn on: practical advice

As expensive as they are, iPhones can also have problems. One of the most frequent, which happened to me several times, consists in finding the smartphone with a black screen but fully functional. You can understand that the iPhone works because you receive calls or because you can activate Siri. Seeing the display completely black, the first thing you think the screen has broken.

I give you good news. In 99% of cases this is not the case and you can easily fix an iPhone that won't turn on without going to an Apple Store, or a specialized shop to have it repaired. In this article I will show you all the possible solutions to this problem. I personally tried them and they all allowed me to put my iPhone back into operation.

Why won't my iPhone turn on?

Before proposing all the different solutions, let's try to understand the reason for this problem. If the iPhone has fallen to the ground, causing injury on the display, or you have slipped into the water, then the problem may be hardware. In these situations there is not much to do. The only solution is to replace the entire display. There are two possible ways:

  1. Go to an Apple Store or an authorized center to replace the display. In this case the cost varies between 151 and 361, depending on the iPhone model you have. You can find more information on the costs of repairing and replacing the screen on the official Apple website.
  2. Rely on an alternative repair center, which certainly manages to offer more competitive prices (sometimes at the expense of quality).

If, on the other hand, your smartphone has not fallen or has not been in contact with liquids, the software problem. This is the best case, because there are several ways to go to solve the problem. If you fall into this case, I suggest you try the tips I will tell you shortly.

How to fix iPhone problem that won't turn on

If this is your problem, I can reassure you, because in 99% of cases, the problem will be resolved definitively and you can go back to using your iPhone.

First method: force restart your iPhone

The most practical solution is to force restart your smartphone. If the iPhone screen is turned off but you hear the device vibrate or ring, the forced restart (hard reset) should be decisive. The procedure varies depending on the iPhone model you own.

iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X and later

  • Press and release the button Volume Up.
  • After releasing the button, press and release Volume Gi.
  • At this point, hold down the button Power until the Apple logo appears.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

  • Press the button for 10 seconds Power.
  • Holding down the key Power, press and hold the button simultaneously for another 10 seconds Volume Gi.
  • When the Apple logo appears on the screen, release all the keys.

iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and earlier

  • Press the button for 10 seconds Power.
  • Holding down the key Power, press and hold the button simultaneously for another 10 seconds Home.
  • When the Apple logo appears on the screen, release all the keys.

Second method: use specialized software

If the first method I proposed to you was not effective, then you need to go deeper into the problem. My advice is to use software that specializes in solving common iPhone and iOS problems in general.

The software dr.fone – Repair a tool that allows you to repair iOS software problems without causing the loss of data on the smartphone. One of its strengths is being cross-platform: it can in fact be used by both owners of Macs and PCs with Windows operating systems. extremely simple to use and compatible with all iOS devices currently on the market.

If yours iPhone 6 won't turn on or your new iPhone X will restart continuously, then I recommend you trydr.fone – Repair. On the official website you can download the free trial. If you believe that the solution that best suits your needs, you can buy the full version and solve the problems of your iPhone. Here are the steps to take if your iPhone won't turn on:

  • Starts dr.fone – Repair and select the item Repair in the main screen.
  • Connect the iPhone to the PC or Mac and wait for it to be recognized by the tool.
  • Click the button Start to start the repair process.
  • A screen will show you the serial number of the device. Take note of it. You'll need it later.
  • Before proceeding, you will be asked to enable DFU mode. A simple screen will guide you through this operation.
  • After it restarts in DFU mode, you will be asked to enter the serial number and model. The download of the latest version of the operating system compatible with your phone will start automatically.
  • To speed up operations, he ensures that he is connected to a stable internet line. As soon as the operating system has been downloaded, you have to press the button Fix now to start the troubleshooting procedure. Make sure the entry retain native data is selected to not lose any data.

Now you just have to wait for the procedure to end. The iPhone will be reset and will return to normal operation.

Third method: restore iPhone with iTunes

If you don't want to use third party software, you can always rely on iTunes. The problem with this solution that iTunes is not very intuitive to use and the restoration of the iPhone could cause data loss if the backup option is not selected.

  • To proceed with the restoration of the iPhone, start iTunes and connect the device to the PC or Mac.
  • Select the iPhone at the top of the screen from the list of connected devices.
  • Click on Reset iPhone.
  • Confirm your choice and wait for iTunes to complete the operation.


If your iPhone doesn't turn on or has a completely black screen, in this guide you can find the solution to your problem. If your device still doesn't work after running all three methods, then the hardware problem. The display or motherboard circuitry may have been damaged. My advice to go to a specialized center or an Apple Store.