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Intel takes a broth

Intel takes a broth | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel achieves and exceeds, even by a single cent, the profit forecasts for this quarter and opens a few gashes of serenity in the dark horizon of the IT landscape.The largest producer of chips in the world announced yesterday that it had achieved a profit of 37 cents per share against the 36 expected by most analysts. Many believed, however, that when the results were released the news could have been even worse given the unprecedented slowdown suffered by the IT sector between November and December. Intel itself had already lowered its forecasts, making it clear that the market is cooling down. The confirmation of the profit target, on the other hand, has given some confidence to those who hope that the future will be better. None, however, seems to make short-term recovery forecasts. Intel itself invites us to consider that the current quarter has traditionally been very weak and that this year it could be even more than previously due to the slowdown in the global economic system. For this reason, Intel expects 15% less turnover than in the same period last year and lower gross margins. For a recovery, it will be necessary to wait for the second half of 2001 when Pentium 4 sales should pick up speed. The new processor should exceed Pentium II in terms of units sold during the first months of 2002.

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