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How to transfer data from iPhone to Android quickly

In the family everyone has his or her smartphone and not necessarily that you have all iPhones or all Android. If each member prefers a phone with a different operating system, it is not easy to share the last video of the family birthday or photos of an event with each other. In this case we need to rely on third-party solutions that favor this sharing.Transferring data from iPhone to Android may seem an insurmountable problem, but we have gone in search of the best solution and we want to share it with you.

Sharing data between mobile devices has never been so fast until we tried the free appXender. We saw in this article how easy it is to share files between two iPhones with the Airdrop feature. While it is more difficult to do the file transfer between two Android devices or transfer data from iPhone to Android. Data transmission via Bluetooth has now been going to the attic since we experimented with data sharing applications via WiFi. For most WiFi sharing apps, devices need to be connected on the same network via a Wi-Fi router.

Maci are some applications like Superbeam for Android who use the functionality of hotspot to share data without the need for a router. The appXenderof which we speak in this article falls into the latter category, with the difference that it contains a large number of additional features compared to the others. These major functions put the application at the top of the list of favorite ones fortransfer data to Android. Now you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android in a very simple and immediate way.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android with Xender

Xender a simple and fast app and considers it the improvements for mobile devices that have the task of quickly transferring and sharing files and apps. It has no transfer limits, because you can do it not only between Android smartphones, but also between iPhone and Androido between your phone and computer to share everything you want even with your PC, MAC or Chromebook. To make it work, it does not require cables or Wifi connections and does not even need to connect to cellular data. Precisely the elimination of these constraints that make Xender a truly effective and usable app in any circumstance.transfer data from iPhone to Android

Xenderit was already popular for the Flash transfer, available unofficially outside the Play Store. So, we can say that Xender the reincarnation of Flash transfer, not only in terms of appearance and name, but also for performance. We noticed a huge difference in terms of smoothness between the current version and the previous version. Connect to PC, Connect to iPhone are some of the older additions we found on Xender.

It is not even difficult to use it, because the user interface of the application for fast and minimal data transfer. To activate the operation, you must configure the profile only the first time you start the application and then ready to share files within the group of people with whom you share the application.

Configuring Xender to transfer data from iPhone to Android

To quickly transfer data and send files, you must first download the Xender from the Play Store for Android devices and from the App Store for iPhone and iPad and have it installed on the devices. The next step is to create a Group of people you want to share data and app transfers with. This can be done by clicking on the button Connect friendslocated at the top of the app, then click Create a group. Now you have to perform the same operation also on the other devices of the group. This time you need to connect the phone that will be displayed in the list with other friends. You are ready, at this point, to transfer all the files you want with the other components of the list by connecting up to 4 contextual devices at a time.

The most interesting aspect of Xender is the possibility of being able to share data with any type of device: Android, iOS, Windows, PC and Mac. In the appXenderyou will find options like PC connectionis Connection to iPhone which allow you to share files on smartphones that also run different operating systems, such as iPhone, Android or Windows. Some interesting features like Slideda to share, Shake to share, Buzz are included in the app which make it even more fun to use. We observed a speed of data transfer higher than 20 Mbps, which is quite high compared to other solutions, and capable of transferring large quantities of data without draining the battery. Watch this simple video to get an idea of ??what this application does.

Another interesting feature of Xender One Key Phone Change,similar to Motorola Migrate, which allows you to transfer part or all of your phone data to another phone. The data you can transfer include Contacts, Applications, Files, Images, Music, Videos to a new mobile phone that you have purchased in a few simple clicks.

I hope this information on the Xender app that allows you to transfer data to Android has proved useful in your work or hobbies, please report other similar apps.

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