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How to set a new passcode on iPad and iPhone

Access code on iPad

As well known, Apple's mobile devices iPad is iPhone, they are very popular for their design and interesting features. For these reasons they are also very expensive and for this reason they have always been a privileged target for thieves. Even Apple, aware of this, has activated a series of precautions to make these devices inaccessible and therefore unusable in case they are stolen, such as the activation of the Access code on iPad and iPhone.

While it is important to keep your eyes open and watch over your device, another precaution provided by Apple is to set a Access code. Entering an access code on iPhone and iPad prevents access to your personal data in the event that the device is lost or stolen. We have prepared this guide to help you in the procedure to set one up and avoid unlocking iPhone easily.

How to set an access code on iPad and iPhone

Activation of a Access code on iPad and iPhone, a four-digit numeric code or a more advanced word consisting of letters and numbers is required. Set up a very simple code, just follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings -> Touch ID and code
  • Select the item Skills code and then enter a six-digit code.
Enable code
  • A banner appears asking if you want to use this code for protect iCloud.
protect iCloud

As an alternative to the numeric access code, you can also choose a more complex option. You can enter a Alphanumeric code of the length you want, to do this proceed as follows:

  • When you are in "Set code", Above the numeric keyboard appears"Code option?, Click on it.
  • Three options will appear, the first of these "Custom alphanumeric code?, Click on it.
Set code
  • Now you will be asked to enter a code that can consist of numbers and letters. After entering it, click on Come on.
set access code
  • Now I will ask you to verify the code entered, enter the same code again. Click on end.
  • Also in this case I will ask you if you want to use this code also for the protection of iCloud. Select one of the two options.

Activating the passcode is a great way to keep your personal data safe on iPhone and iPad, but there is an inconvenience that is not often mentioned: losing or forgetting the passcode. This will result in not being able to access the device.

What can I do if I lose my iPad and iPhone passcode?

If you don't remember the password you have set to access your iPad and iPhone, there is no way to recover it. While this looks extremely devastating, it doesn't mean your device becomes a well-finished piece of metal that is completely useless. We see how to access the device again in case you forgot the access code.

NOTE: if you have not performed any backups previously, performing this procedure will lose all data.

For those who have synchronized:

  • If you previously performed at least one backup via iTunes, connect the iOS device to the PC or Mac on which the backup is present and start iTunes. If you don't have iTunes installed, you can do it now from here.
  • Wait for the recognition of the iPhone or iPad and then select the relevant item at the top right.
  • In the main screen of Settings of the device select Back up now.

The iPad will initiate a backup of all the photos, applications and other content found on the device. Wait for the backup to finish before moving on to the next step. I recommend you read this complete guide to restore iPhone and iPad.

  • Put the device in DFU Mode (if you don't know how to do it, I suggest you read the previous guide).
  • When the backup is complete, select Reset iPad (or Reset iPhone).

The download of the latest version of iOS will begin, which will be automatically installed by deleting all the data present. At the end of the installation you can restore the backup previously made and set a new access code.

For those who haven't synced:

If you are sure that you have never synchronized your iPad with a computer via iTunes, follow the procedure described below to restore access to the device. I must stress once again that this operation is used only as a last resort, as all data will be lost.

If you have access to a computer, to restore the iPhone or iPad follow the same procedure as above. Since no backup has previously been performed on the device, it is necessary to go to the Restoration. This will erase all the data. Once completed on Restoration, new passcode can be created on iPad and iPhone.