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How to see the smartphone screen on a PC

Would you like to play some smartphone games on a bigger screen like the PC screen? Do you want to take shots or screenshots while using a certain app or while showing how to use a feature of your new smartphone? There are many programs capable of interfacing PCs and smartphones, but few have the potential of ApowerMirror. Find out in this guide how to install and take advantage of ApowerMirror to duplicate your smartphone screen on Windows PC and MAC, be it an Android or an iPhone.

ApowerMirror: How it is installed and how it works

Tosee the smartphone screen on PC you need to follow some simple steps that I will now explain. You will need to install ApowerMirror both on your smartphone, via an app available for Android and iOS, and on your PC, so that the devices can communicate freely with each other. First install themobile app ApowerMirror dedicated according to the operating system you use:

DOWNLOAD |ApowerMirror (Android)

DOWNLOAD |ApowerMirror (iOS)

Once the app is installed we can download and install the ApowerMirror software for computers, from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | ApowerMirror (PC and Mac)

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<p>Open the site click on the button ?<strong>Download</strong>"Located in the center and, at the end of the download, start the installer. The installation goes smoothly without problems, you can safely click on Next in each window confirming the license and possibly confirming the secondary settings.</p>
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At the end of the installation, start the program by clicking on the icon that will appear on the desktop or by looking for it in the Start menu.

Home Apowemirror

Now you will have two methods to connect your smartphone to the PC and duplicate the screen:

To connect your Android smartphone via WiFi make sure before both devices (smartphone and PC) are connected to the same wireless network (they must respond to the same router), then start the program on the PC and the app on the smartphone simultaneously; on your smartphone, click the central button at the bottom of the app, so as to start the search for the program open on the PC. After a few seconds you should be able to see the name of the PC you want to use for the connection.

See PC connection

Click on the name of the PC you are using to start the wireless connection; a screen registration request will appear on your smartphone, confirm where necessary to start duplicating the screen on your PC. If you don't see the PC, try the keys Detect again or use the association through QR code, option also available on the PC application (just take a photo of the code provided by the program installed on the PC).

To connect an iPhone the very similar procedure: open the program on your PC, then open the dedicated app on your Apple smartphone; now swipe up from the bottom edge of your smartphone and use your voice AirPlay duplication to transmit the screen of your iPhone to the PC.

IPhone connection

As an alternative to connecting via WiFi possible connect devices via USB cableso that we can duplicate the screen in any scenario. In this case it may be necessary to enable USB Debugging for Android, so as to also unlock the remote control of the device without the need to tap the screen (you can control touches and inputs directly from the PC). The functionality of the app is visible in the side panel, accessible on the program screen immediately after association.

Side features

You will be able to enlarge the size of the program screen, take a screenshot of what is currently shown on the duplicate screen, make a recording, control the device remotely and use the keyboard to play some games. During the first connection, warning windows may be displayed to enable more advanced functions, such as the warning window for remote control (where a USB connection is required).

Check from PC

Or you can see a warning window appear to enable notifications, so you can control calls, messages and alerts from your PC without even having to turn on the smartphone screen.

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<p>By enabling all the features, you can make the most of ApowerMirror, even for playing: in fact, you can configure the keyboard and mouse to play games such as PUBG mobile, without having to touch the screen.</p>
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Using the keyboard and mouse for these games is definitely a nice advantage, which will allow you to win many games thanks to the higher precision (to play at the maximum I recommend connecting the smartphone via USB cable and configuring ApowerMirror to take advantage of the remote control and peripherals connected to the PC.

Download and purchase

In summary here you will find all the links of both the Android smartphone and iPhone app, and the PC and MAC software.

DOWNLOAD |ApowerMirror (Android)

DOWNLOAD |ApowerMirror (iOS)

DOWNLOAD | ApowerMirror (PC and Mac)

good to remember that both software (mobile and desktop) are needed to transmit the smartphone screen on a PC. The app available for free without any account but with limited functionality; to unlock new features and connect multiple devices you can bet on a free registered account (which you can create directly from the PC program at startup) or purchase a VIP license, so as to unlock all the advanced features and get lifetime support. You can purchase a VIP license using the link below.

LINK | AcquistaApowerMirror

Account differences