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How to remove writings and logos (watermarks) from photos and images

Browsing the internet you often come across images with logos, writings or watermarks. Fortunately, removing them is simple and there is no need for expensive or complex tools to use.

Sometimes awatermark(watermark) is used to communicate that an intellectual property image of someone (see also "stock images").

In this case, it is illegal to reuse the image and modify it. We at GiardiniBlog invite you to respect the rights of copyright and possibly ask for the possibility of reusing the images you find on the net.

Remember, however, that it is not so difficult to trace the original source of the image, for example by performing a "reverse search".

We come now to the most useful tools and programs that will serve our purpose.

Remove written watermarks and logos with Photos

Photo the convenient image viewing application included in Windows 10. Besides the visualization it offers some basic and interesting editing tools, one of these very useful for removing writings and watermarks.

example of photo with logo

Here are the few steps you need to delete the writing with Photos:

  • click once on the image or photo with the right mouse button and in the context menu, choose "Edit with Photo"
  • once the image is opened through the program, click on the "Rule" tab in the sidebar
  • scroll down the options and then click on ?Point correction?. Afterwards, repeatedly on the writing or on the logo to be deleted (starting from the outside) until it is completely eliminated
  • Finally, if you are satisfied with the result, you can click on "Save" to overwrite the modified image or on "Save a copy" to also keep the original and give another name to the photo without writing or logos.

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Remove watermarks online for free via Photopea

Photopea an HTML5-based WebApp to know and try.

It is a clone of the well-known Photoshop, offered online and for free. The app is really convenient to use and provides most of the basic tools of the famous photo editing application.

We recommend it because it is very effective to delete logos and writings ese you don't have to modify a large volume of images, an online tool without a doubt a winning choice.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-49617 size-full" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Photopea.jpg” alt=”remove watermark with photopea” width=”793″ height=”428″ data-lazy-/>

Remove the very simple watermarks:

  • open a compatible HTML5 browser (the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox are all) and go to the service website
  • open the image to be corrected by going to "File" then "Open"
  • once you open the file, you can go directly to the fix. There are three effective tools for removing something from an image: the most practical and fastest "Spot Healing Brush Tool?Which is found by clicking on the patch button
  • once the tool has been selected, at the top left of the interface you can choose the size and shape of the brush, through a convenient dedicated panel
  • at this point you can select the area from which to remove the writing or logo
  • You can repeat the steps to get a better result until you are satisfied
  • after correction, downloading the result will be simple: you can click on "File" and then on "Export as" to save the photo on your computer.

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Remove watermarks for free via GIMP

GIMP the famous free open source and multiplatform photo editing program. It is an excellent application with very powerful tools.

Simple and similar installation on each platform; for macOS and Windows just go to the website, download the executable and once the download is complete launch it and follow the procedure.

On Linux it depends on the distribution but it is generally found on all the base repositories so just look for it in the package manager (if not already available in the basic tools of the operating system).

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-49618 size-full" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Rimuovere-Watermark-Gimp.jpg” alt=”GIMP and removal of logos and writings from images” width=”610″ height=”384″ data-lazy-/>

Once the installation has been performed, you can move on to using the correction tools. Here too, a few steps are enough to eliminate the writings and logos:

  • click on the image to be modified with the right button and in the context menu that appears choose "Apricon" and then "GIMP"
  • once the suGIMP image is open, click on the "Plaster tool"
  • just below in the "Tool Options" panel, you can adjust the shape and size of the brush
  • immediately after you can intervene on the image by selecting the area where the writing or logo to be removed is present
  • the procedure can be repeated to obtain an optimal result
  • once satisfied, you can keep the image cleaned by going to the "File" menu and then to "Save"