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How to record the screen with VLC Media Player

VLC one of the best programs to view videos and listen to audio files in any format, to the point of being recognized as a real universal player (difficult to find a video or an audio track not compatible with this player).

But the power of this player goes further: there are many hidden features that you can take advantage of on the spot so as to avoid installing other programs, such as screen recording.

In this guide I will show you all the steps necessary to record the PC screen with VLC in a simple and fast way. You can make videos, tutorials or other using only the famous Media Player and the operations to be performed on the screen. If you have not yet installed VLC on your PC, you can remedy it immediately by clicking here: download the latest version of VLC (the completely free program).

Record the screen with VLC

To record the screen with VLC first start the program (on Windows you can find it on the desktop or by opening the Start menu and looking for the name of the same), then click on the menu at the top "Media> Open capture device".

Acquisition device - record pc screen

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C to bring up the same window without having to open the menu each time. Once the window is open make sure to select "Desktop" in the drop-down menu on "Acquisition mode".

Desktop Acquisition for registration

Now you will have to configure the only setting visible on the screen by bringing the frames at 50 f / s, so that you have no problem playing the recording. At the end of the configuration, simply press "Play" at the bottom of the window to start the acquisition.

Frame capture device to create videos

You will thus return to the main VLC screen with the entire screen acquired with the particular "infinite mirror" effect, an evident sign that the program ready to record the screen.

To start the actual recording you must first of all click on the "View" menu at the top, then click on "Advanced controls". You will thus activate additional buttons in the lower interface of VLC, including the button for flow recording played (in this case for screen recording).

VLC Media Player recording button

To record the screen with VLC just press on red button Rec when you're capturing footage from your desktop.

To stop recording just click on Stop button. The recorded screen files are saved in the Video folder on the system in AVI format with a date and time, so you can immediately recognize the last recorded file.

If for any reason, you find yourself having to rotate or shoot a video, the fairly simple operation: How to rotate a video with VLC.

Alternatives to record the screen on PC

VLC an excellent tool to record the full screen of the computer in times of emergency but does not offer many customization options for the acquisition.

If you are looking for good alternative programs to record the screen, call Screen Recorder on Windows, I recommend a short list of the most popular and popular ones to try:

Using one of these programs you can, in addition to recording the PC screen in various formats and with various types of codecs, make video improvements, add effects, titles and modify the parts of a video stream, so as to arrive at a final video ready for be shared on social media or on YouTube.