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How to protect your Android smartphone from thieves

protect your Android smartphone from thieves

We all know the boring and useful car alarm that starts ringing when someone tries to steal it. Well, you can have the same functionality protect your Android smartphone from thieves. If you use public transport to move around or regularly visit crowded places and want to be sure that no one will steal your smartphone from your pocket, then lapp Pocket Sense it might be for you. The ways to keep your Android smartphone in check are different, and here we see how to protect your Android smartphone from thieves.

How to protect your Android smartphone from thieves

Pocket Sense sound an alarm when your device is pulled out of your pants pocket without permission. Lapp detects the movement and notifies you with a loud alarm. Extremely simple to use application. Not only does it notify you when the smartphone is taken out of your pocket by an attacker, but it also implements two other ways of using calls Charge Sense is Motion Sense, which will allow you not to worry about your smartphone. The mode that notifies you when the smartphone is removed from the pocket is called instead Pocket Sense.

Pocket Sense

Protect your cell phone with Pocket Sense

To detect when the smartphone is about to be stolen you must install the free Pocket Sense app from the Google Play Store and enable the mode Pocket Sense. This is all. After activating this function, if someone tries to remove the device from your pocket, the app will emit the sound of a loud police siren.

If you don't like the default alarm sound, you can always change it in Pocket Sense settings. The alarm can only be turned off after entering the pin code of your smartphone. Basically, the Pocket Sense app will bring nightmares to smartphone thieves.

Charge Sense

Suppose we are in a public place like an airport and put the smartphone in charge. In a normal scenario, we would continually check our device to make sure no one steals it. With the mode Charge Sense active, you can put these concerns aside.

If someone tries to unplug the smartphone to steal it, or simply because they want to charge their device, the mode Charge Sense we will notify you with an alarm, which in this case too can be deactivated by unlocking the smartphone. If you forgot to enable this feature, the app will ask you to enable it when you insert the charger into the device.

Motion Sense

The third mode of operation will please you a lot if you are a person jealous of your smartphone. It is called Motion Sense and triggers an alarm every time the device is moved from a particular location. To start this service, just enable the item Motion Sense Mode within the app.

Now that you know all the modes offered by Pocket Sense, you just have to install it to protect your Android smartphone from thieves and drive away malicious people.