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How to know iPhone model

TheiPhone they are among the most used devices, but most users are not aware of how to recognize the model they own, because each model has an identification number, useful for firmware updates but also for other things. It is easy to get confused, because the latest iPhone models have the same external appearance and externally you do not find any identifying element. easy to talk about iPhone, but when you have to recognize if it is iPhone 3G or 3GS, iPhone 4 or 4S, iPhone 5 or 5Sor a iPhone6,6S or7 you get confused easily. If you can't know the iPhone model, you can't even find which firmware to download to install it manually.

In normal use of the device, you do not feel the need to know exactly the model, but when the unexpected happens, that the iPhone no longer turns on or crashes and to restart it you need to reinstall the firmware, then know the indispensable model . So, how do you recognize your iPhone model when the iPhone is turned off, dead or has any other software problem that does not allow it to be turned on? The model number allows you to purchase the right spare parts or update the specific firmware version for that iPhone model. So if you have this urgency, read on and you'll find out how simple.

How to know iPhone model

In this guide we will see how to know the model of an iPhone without necessarily having to turn on the device and download, for example, the right firmware to reactivate a wrong iPhone. Here is the simple procedure that can be done by anyone.

Identify the model number of an iPhone

Before finding out which version of iPhone you have, you need to find out the model code consisting of the letter A and a four-digit number. This identification number is the same for each version of the device. That is, the iPhone 7 always has the same identification number that you can find by examining the back of the phone, under the logo "iPhone ". You will hardly be able to read it with naked eyes, you will definitely need a magnifying glass and you will recognize it because you will find it written: Model: Axxxx.

know iPhone model

When you are able to locate it, take note of the number of the "Axxxx model"And compare it with the list below. The list consisting of the code, which may be different depending on the area of ??origin and the iPhone model.

Find out iPhone by model number

  • A1865, A1901, A1902: iPhone X
  • A1863, A1905, A1906: iPhone 8
  • A1864, A1897, A1898: iPhone8Plus
  • A1660, A1778 or A1779: iPhone 7
  • A1661, A1784 or A1785: iPhone 7plus
  • A1633 or A1634: iPhone 6s (GSM / CDMA model)
  • A1688 or A1687: iPhone 6s (GSM / CDMA model)
  • A1700: iPhone 6s (GSM model, China)
  • A1634 or A1633: iPhone 6s plus (GSM / CDMA model)
  • A1687 or A1688: iPhone 6s plus (GSM / CDMA model)
  • A1699: iPhone 6s plus (GSM model, China)
  • A1549 or A1522: iPhone 6 (GSM / CDMA model)
  • A1586 or A1524: iPhone 6 (GSM / CDMA model)
  • A1589: iPhone 6 (GSM model, China)
  • A1522 or A1549: iPhone 6plus (GSM / CDMA model)
  • A1524 or A1586: iPhone 6plus (GSM / CDMA model)
  • A1593: iPhone 6plus (GSM model, China)
  • A1533 or A1457: iPhone 5s (GSM model)
  • A1533 or A1453: iPhone 5s (CDMA model)
  • A1528: iPhone 5s (GSM model, China)
  • A1530: iPhone 5s
  • A1532 or A1507: iPhone 5s (GSM model)
  • A1532 or A1456: iPhone 5s (CDMA model)
  • A1526: iPhone 5c (GSM model, China)
  • A1529: iPhone 5c
  • A1428 iPhone 5 GSM (GSM model standard in USA for AT&T, T-Mobile, etc)
  • A1429 iPhone 5 GSM & CDMA (normal CDMA model in USA, Verizon, Sprint, etc)
  • A1442 iPhone 5 CDMA China
  • A1387 iPhone 4S, CDMA & GSM
  • A1431 iPhone 4S GSM China
  • A1349 iPhone 4 CDMA
  • A1332 iPhone 4 GSM
  • A1325 iPhone 3GS China
  • A1303 iPhone 3GS (GSM only)
  • A1324 iPhone 3G China
  • A1241 iPhone 3G (GSM only)
  • A1203 iPhone (Original model, GSM only)

With the help of these models, you can easily locate the CDMA and GSM model, not only, because through these codes you can also find the exact firmware for your iPhone.

Firmwareof the various iPhone models

If after finding the device model you want to download the corresponding firmware, be it for iPhone, iPad or iPod, use the service provided by IPSW. this link and select the device type and model, and you will get the firmware ready to be downloaded. You now have all the necessary information thanks to this guide.

Find the model via iTunes

can also useiTunes to find your iPhone model, but it must be turned on. iTunes will not tidir the model number, but will tell you directly the type of iPhone. For example: iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 5S, 6S, etc.

  • Connect your iPhone to iTunes via the data cable.
  • In the tab Summary, you will find the iPhone model clearly indicated at the top.

know the model of your iPhone

If you want to know iPhone model through your device's iOS system, go to Settings> General> About to find out everything you need to identify your iPhone.

know the model of your iPhone

These are data that may seem worthless, however this information is very useful when you need to download the original firmware of our iPhone to restore the device to the factory state.