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How to connect your Android or iOS smartphone to the TV

The smartphone is certainly the device you use the most during the day, but not ideal for streaming movies or enjoying the last episode of your favorite show. In these cases, the TV in the living room is unbeatable, with all its 40-50 inches!

But how do you connect your smartphone to the TV? In this complete guide I will show you all the methods you can use to connect smartphones to the TV in a simple and above all fast way.

Connect smartphone to TV via WiFi

The most convenient method to connect the smartphone to the TV is obviously to use the home WiFi network, so as to connect both devices without using any cables. Here are the methods I recommend using. It is not necessary for the TV to have integrated WiFi, at least for some of the proposed methods.


If your smartphone and your TV with WiFi are compatible with Miracast technology, you can use it to share the full screen of your portable device and display it on the TV screen. Find out all about Miracast: how it works and how to use it.

The quality offered by this excellent method, you can see all the contents with very few steps.

First of all, activate Miracast on the TV (previously connected to the home WiFi network), looking for the item related to this technology in the multimedia menus.

Miracast to connect smartphones to TV

Once this option is enabled, activate Miracast or the ?Cast screen? item on your smartphone with the Android operating system (already connected to the same WiFi network where the TV is present); you can find this item in the toggle menu or in the screen settings.

Cast Miracast TV

Once pressed on this button select your TV to start broadcasting the screen on your television.


Another very convenient method to connect your smartphone to the TV take advantage of the Chromecast, the small dongle offered by Google that can guarantee support for Google Cast technology on any TV model equipped with HDMI port.

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Chromecast to connect smartphones to TV

The Chromecast available in two versions: normal is Ultra. With the normal version you will be able to see any streaming content from your smartphone up to the maximum resolution of 1080p, while with the Ultra version you will be able to see all the contents compatible with the 4K HDR.

Google Chromecast can be used on both Android and iOS devices (with some limited features). You will find on this website the complete guide to using Chromecast.

If you have decided to focus on this method to connect your smartphone to the TV, the configuration is very simple: connect the Chromecast to the TV in one of the free HDMI sockets, then supply electricity via the USB power cable (you can either use a port USB TV and the wall charger included in the package).

Configure access to the home WiFi network using the Google Home app, available free for Android and iOS.

DOWNLOAD |Android | iOS

Follow the steps described on the TV after tuning in to the right video output (HDMI) and you can connect the Chromecast to the same wireless network used by your portable devices.

From now on, it will be enough for a smartphone or tablet to be present on your WiFi network when the TV with the Chromecast on to see the cast symbol appear in the compatible apps, as shown in the image below.

Cast button and sending images and videos to home television

Just tap on this symbol to see the Chromecast appear and connect to it, and consequently on TV. All audio and video content will now be transmitted to the TV screen, leaving the app on the portable device as a sort of remote control.

The most popular multimedia apps compatible with Chromecast are: YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Mediaset Premium Play, Now TV, Google Play Music, Google Play Video and many more.


If you only have Apple devices, the best way to connect an iPhone to the TV is to take advantage of AirPlay, Apple's proprietary protocol to transmit high quality audio and video via wireless connection.

All modern iPhones and iPads are compatible with AirPlay and allow you to transmit both the content of the app and the screen of the device, but to make your TV compatible you will need to have theApple TV, a small TV Box that can be purchased from the following link.


Apple TV - smartphone on TV

Compatible with 1080p and 4K HDR streams, once connected to the TV via HDMI and the home WiFi network it will become a very efficient AirPlay receiver. To be able to use it, simply select Apple TV after tapping the AirPlay icon (available in the Control Panel or within compatible apps).

AirPlay to send videos to TV from mobile phone

Connect smartphone to cable TV

Do you want to use a cable to connect it Samsung smartphone On TV? In these cases you will have to use special cables that can take advantage of MHL and connect the USB port to an HDMI port on the television. The best micro USB-HDMI cable that you can use for Samsung devices onKsrplayer MHL.

It connects to the micro USB port of a compatible smartphone and on the other end to the HDMI port and a USB port on the TV to transmit the full screen of the device.

On other devices (such as LG or other Android devices) you will need to use a Slimport cable to connect the microUSB port of the smartphone and the HDMI port of the TV.

It connects exactly like the MHL cable, connecting the microUSB socket to the smartphone, while the HDMI socket goes to the TV.

Finally, to connect an iPhone or iPad to the cable TV you will need to use a Lightning – HDMI adapter.

Connect this adapter to your iPhone or iPad then use a cable HDMI to connect it to the HDMI socket of your TV.