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How to connect iPhone and iPad to Bluetooth keyboard

connect iPhone and iPad to Bluetooth keyboard

Typing on the digital keyboard of a smartphone or tablet in some circumstances can be really difficult. Especially when working on a fairly long document or email. With the use of applications such as iWork, Microsoft Office and other periOS apps, it would be better to have a comfortable physical Bluetooth keyboard on hand. The device allows you to easily create or edit long documents even on the move. Fortunately, iOS allows users to connect iPhone and iPad to Bluetooth keyboard.

How to connect iPhone and iPad to Bluetooth keyboard

If you need to connect an external keyboard, it is not necessary to have one specially made for iOS devices, the one we use for the Mac or the PC keyboard is also fine, provided that they have Bluetooth functionality.

In a previous article we reviewed this Bluetooth keyboard which can also be paired with an iPhone or iPad.

The best functions that using an external keyboard make us regret are the shortcuts for copy / cut / paste that we love to do on our computers. If you have decided that a physical keyboard better than a digital one for your iPhone, if you continue reading I will show you how to connect iPhone or iPad keyboard with Bluetooth. In this way you can use it to work comfortably on long documents in a more comfortable way.

IPhone and iPad keyboard: how to connect it with Bluetooth

Now let's see the procedure to follow to connect a bluetooth keyboard to iPhone or iPad without making mistakes and being able to start working immediately.

  1. To connect the Bluetooth keyboard to iOS devices, you must first put it in pairing mode. The pairing method differs depending on the keyboard models. Typically, you enter the keyboard pairing mode when it is turned on. In the case of the Apple Bluetooth keyboard that you normally use with a Mac, you can do it by pressing the power button on the side.
  2. After the keyboard in pairing mode, go to your iPhone or iPad Settings> Bluetooth and activate the switch. In a few seconds you will see the keyboard in the list of available devices. Click on it. Now your device can request to enter a security code to use the keyboard. Type (exactly as you do with your mobile phone) the code that appears on the iPad or iPhone screen so that the devices are configured. Finally press the button Submit.

Now the Bluetooth keyboard correctly paired with the iOS device and you can use it in all the applications installed on the device.

You can do the same procedure with any other bluetooth keyboard, even the one you use with your Windows PC. Connecting iOS devices to a Bluetooth keyboard will allow you to enjoy the ability to write as if you were in front of a computer with a smartphone screen. You will immediately notice the difference between the digital keyboard and the comfortable physical keyboard.

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