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How to backup to Motorola / Lenovo

save data on Motorola

Are you a happy owner of a new Motorola or Lenovo smartphone but don't know how to backup important data stored on the device? If you are afraid of losing all your sensitive data due to theft or malfunction of the device, you have come to the right guide! Here you will find all tips for making backups on Motorola or Lenovo, so as to make it safe without the risk of losing even a contact, a text message or the apps you have installed in case of problems.

Back up to Motorola or Lenovo

The operating system integrated in the Motorola and Lenovo of the latest generation completely identical to that supplied with Android Vanilla (the pure version of Android without customization, typical of Nexus or Pixels). The system provides, in an integrated way, the possibility of backing up data. But we will also see other methods for saving apps, contacts and files using third party applications.

System backup

To be able to make a system backup, simply take you to the Settings the system and tap with your finger on the menu Backup and Restore.

backup on Motorola

Among the available voices you will have to tap on Back up my data and enable the present button to provide backup functionality.

backup on Motorola

Once enabled, go back to the previous screen and tap on the item Backup account in order to associate the backup with your Google Account.

backup on Motorola

You can either use the Google account already associated on your smartphone or use another account, just press the button Add account present in the window Set up backup account.

With this type of backup enabled you will be able to secure the WiFi passwords you have associated, the customized system settings and the apps on your device (in case of format or changeover to another smartphone you can immediately get back all your favorite apps) .

Backup contacts

Don't you want to lose even a contact in the address book? In this case it will be sufficient to save them within the Google account already in the creation phase, as visible from the image below.

backup on Motorola

If, on the other hand, you want to save the contacts present in the SIM but not synchronized with the Google account, you can proceed by installing the free app SIM Infos & Contacts, available from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |SIM Infos & Contacts

backup on Motorola

Use the simple app: once open, open the left side menu and tap on SIM Contacts; as soon as you see all the contacts saved on the SIM tap at the top right on the diskette symbol to save all the contacts on the SIM in a file vcf.

As soon as this saved file is sufficient, open the Contacts section of the smartphone, tap on the three dots on the top right and finally tap on Import from .vcf file to synchronize contacts.

backup on Motorola

Backup photos and videos

To save the photos taken and videos shot with the Motorola or Lenovo smartphone, you can rely on the Google Photos app, downloadable from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Google Photos

To enable backup of photos and videos, simply open the left side menu of this app, then tap on Settings -> Backup and sync and enable the first check at the top (Backup and synchronization).

backup on Motorola

Now all the photos and videos in the gallery (therefore coming from the camera) will be saved to your Google account when you are connected to the WiFi network. If you want to save the photos in other folders on the device, just take you to this item on the screen Back up your device folders and select the folders to be saved (for example photos shared via WhatsApp).

device folders

Other apps to make backups on Motorola

The methods I have presented to you so far are the best for making backups on Motorola or Lenovo, but you can also use one of the following apps for making backups on Motorola.

By choosing any of these apps, you can save any content of your Motorola or Lenovo smartphone without fear of losing data.

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