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How to add new emojis on iOS

Custom keyboards, apps and strictly iOS compatible sticker catalogs. Here's how to turn every conversation into a modern hieroglyph


When sociology coined the definition civilization of the image, speaking of the primacy of visual formats, and in particular television, on others, perhaps he did not imagine how far the phenomenon could go with web 2.0. And with emoticons and memes first and gifs and emojis then.

An account to build on the fundamental emotions identified by Inside Out and one to build new alphabets, if not whole dictionaries. Smartphones and instant messaging services already provide a fair number of basic figures but only by expanding them as much as possible transform the letters of your keyboard into animated figures.

KeymojiTo make it there are entire apps dedicated to the purpose, from Keymoji, designed exclusively for iPhone, but capable of easily operating on Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter etc. (without forgetting text messages and emails) to SwiftKey, the keyboard that automatically completes your sentence with the missing figure or replaces words with the homologous visual representation.

All in one swipe, all for free, as it also happens with Emoji Free, Rage Faces or Imoji, the app that transform anyone (or anything) into unemoji. Just capture a pose or a funny object or even capture a particular expression with selfie shots to turn it into a sticker to use when needed.

Sticker storeAnd speaking of stickers the vast park is on Facebook both on the newborn Telegram. The social network par excellence focuses so much on emotions (and on the revenues that more accurate forms of measurement and profiling can generate) by having them integrated directly at the level of reactions.

To these are added all the sticker collections Optional. Just click on the appropriate smiley icon (both in the comments box and within a private conversation) and then on the + symbol to open the doors hell of linguists of smiley paradise. A paradise where only a select few land (yes, the fight for ruthless popularity and even emojis don't have an easy life).

In a few steps you can download hundreds and hundreds of thematic series of stickers: from those of superhero films to sports films, from those on animals to those with Gianni Morandi (yes, here too). Or again, as a last resort, there are real physical keyboards with emoji keys. Watch out for those risks of never going back.


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