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Here comes the keyboard with iPod dock

Here comes the keyboard with iPod dock | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Razer has announced that its keyboard with built-in iPod dock formally available for booking.

The Pro | Type keyboard, this is the name of the accessory, was announced several months ago as an ideal complement for the computers of those who own an iPod. Again according to Razer, it is the first professional-level keyboard with this feature. In addition to the iPod connector, the Pro | Type keyboard also has customizable keys and 10 extra keys, for multimedia functions. The software allows you to create 10 different profiles.

Razer also underlines the ergonomic design (with ample space for the support of the wrists) and the excellent response of the keys.

The keyboard, unfortunately, is not among the products on sale on the European Razer store. In the US it costs $ 130.

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