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Groovemaker 2: the genius of Dance.

Groovemaker 2: the genius of Dance. | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

GrooveMaker 2.0 the new version of a software that allows you to instantly produce music tracks (dance orientation but not only) and create high quality grooves. The groove is a combination of sounds that come from collections of samples called "songs". In the package, in addition to the CD with the actual application, we find a second CD-ROM with songs of all types and, if desired, it is possible to separately purchase other collections (libraries) produced by the creators of the program. The application offers access to a player of eight tracks and allows you to insert and remove loops in real time. The loops are taken from groups of samples called "songs" and all the loops of a "song" can be recombined infinitely to produce all the grooves you want. You can take advantage of an arpeggiator to be used live and the grooves created can be saved and sequenced easily, allowing you to create compositions with a few clicks and without a specific knowledge of musical techniques.

For dance professionals, for those curious about arctic intelligence applied to music, for those who want to make a techno soundtrack, for those who want to use MP3s to do something different: get to know him better through this review on MacProf.

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