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Fortnite: how to use mouse and keyboard on PS4

Fortnite the phenomenon of the moment, with its frantic battles with a hundred players and crossplay, the possibility of playing together with players from all platforms. Certainly this choice of developers does not reward players who face games with less precise control systems such as the controller.

To meet the players who face the battle royale on Playstation 4 and do not want to leave at a disadvantage, the developers have implemented the possibility of using mouse and keyboard exactly like on the PC version (even the practically identical key mapping).

The PS4 in fact allows without any problem to use any USB and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, there are also many competitive titles that allow you to use mouse and keyboard (an example besides Fortnite, Overwatch).

How to connect a keyboard and mouse to the PS4

very easy to connect mouse and keyboard to the console if they are USB. Just plug them into the console's USB ports and will be recognized immediately.

connect mouse and keyboard to the playstation 4

Almost as simple as connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you just need to:

  • turn on the device and put it in pairing mode (as usually done written in its manual);
  • on the PS4 go to the menu: Settings> Devices> Bluetooth devices;
  • the mouse or keyboard to be associated will appear in the menu;
  • select it and follow the simple instructions on the screen.

Once the input peripherals are recognized, from the menu: Settings> Devices in the dedicated menus you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse and access advanced settings for the keyboard.

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In the case of wireless keyboards and mice with USB receiver, you will have no problems just insert the receiver into one of the USB ports of the PS4 and they will be recognized normally.

Fortnite PS4 with mouse and keyboard

The complete implementation, now in the simple men move with the mouse pointer. Furthermore, as we have said, the keys are mapped exactly as on computers. So the main controls are:

  • we move through the usual "WASD";
  • the space bar is for jumping;
  • to shoot use the left mouse button and aim with the right;
  • reloads with R;
  • to run use the left Shift key;
  • you can quickly change weapon by pressing keys 2 to 6;
  • the pickaxe is activated / deactivated with L;
  • the map can be consulted with the M key;

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-45725 size-full" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /Fortnite-tasti-tastiera-PS4.jpg” alt=”ps4 fortnite button configuration” width=”793″ height=”318″ data-lazy-/>

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All the controls can be modified simply by entering the dedicated menu of the title. Do it quickly, just: go to the main menu by pressing on the icon with the three segments placed horizontally (circled in red below); then click on the gear icon; finally reach the board Input it will be simple, just click on the icon inspired by the WASD.

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-45724 size-full" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /fortnite-impostazioni.jpg” alt=”fortnite configuration menu on ps4″ width=”793″ height=”443″ data-lazy-/>

Best keyboards and mice to play on PS4

If you have a large TV, it would be best to opt for solutions Bluetooth or wireless to be able to position yourself at a safe distance without getting in the way of the wires.

Excellent wireless solutions to play on PS4 are:

Logitech G403Mouse

According to many this mouse, thanks to its precision, programmable buttons and very low input lag (1 ms) perfect for playing fps. By connecting the supplied receiver to the PS4 it is immediately recognized.

DREVO Calibur

Da Drevo an excellent solution with Bluetooth 4.0 connection. It offers an enviable build quality and good performance at a fair price.

Logitech MK270

For those who want to spend little and still play with the mouse and keyboard, this could be a good solution. Obviously not a valid solution for those who have ambitions to pro gamer.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller screen, you can also opt for the viable USB gaming solutions.

KLIM Aim Chroma

From the startup for KLIM gamers, a very customizable product, with very convincing performances, and exceptional value for money.

KLIM Lightning

Always from the young startup another product with a very high quality / price ratio, which has already attracted the attention of more than one player. It is an excellent hybrid keyboard (mechanical performance and membrane noise). It should not be overlooked that the manufacturer offers a 5 year warranty.

BAKTH Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

A very basic mouse and keyboard kit, with solutions that can satisfy less experienced gamers.

Keyboard and Mouse Oiled

From Olidata a simple solution, certainly not from gaming, which at least unlike many competitors and despite the very low price, offers a 1000 dpi mouse.

Our deepening on how to use mouse and keyboard on PS4 come to an end, we wish you much fun with Fortnite, think of us when you repay PC players with their own coin.