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Flyover Country, the app that entertains you during flights

Locate the user in flight and show the map of the countries he is flying over, with information sheets


The classic photo with the airplane wing taken from the window with the cloud underneath, at the bottom the pink light, and a touch of sunset sun that never hurts. How many can be done to fill a long journey? Too few. The reading remains, the attempt to fall asleep without sending the cervical to the creator, the films broadcast on the back seat of the one opposite. Or there is Flyover Country, an app for iOS and Android that can cover the entire duration of the trip.

The concept is a bit like that of communications that the airline sends through monitors: tell you which country you are flying to. The app in question is more precise and detailed: it not only tells you the exact position you are in using GPS, but also the points of interest of the areas you are flying over on the maps. Based on archives of geology and paleontology information, it offers various information collected in reading cards. Signed by the University of Minnesota, the app has an educational, as well as a scientific purpose.


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