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Facebook Spaces: the social network in virtual reality

Facebook Spaces a new virtual reality application that allows you to entertain with friends, already available in Beta.

The most important news announced by Facebook is called Facebook Space. It is a new VR application (virtual reaLt) allows you to entertain with friends in an interactive and fun virtual environment, just as if you were in the same room. Facebook Spaces, in beta for Oculus Rift and Touch, which will be downloadable from the Oculus Store

How to use Facebook Spaces

easy to create an identity that represents us on Facebook Spaces. In short, you can create your own Avatar in your own image and likeness and this will help people recognize themselves and make Virtual Reality an engaging experience. Just choose one of the photos in your profile on Facebook and you will be able to see a series of options for how the 3D avatar can look in VR.We can start with one of these options, then customize ourselves until we find the right optimal result. In Facebook Spaces it is possible to change the color of the eyes, hair, facial features and much more until the image that the system proposes begins to reflect our true identity.

What is Facebook Spaces for?

Finding yourself, having fun and sharing experiences with the people we care about becomes possible with Facebook Spaces; once we have decided on our look, we can invite Facebook friends to join us. It is also possible to draw using a virtual marker to create any object

We will also find all Facebook content at your fingertips for use with friends in VR, including 360 degree videos and photos. It will be possible to relive personal memories from our timelines or even create new ones like exploring the things that interest us from the Pages.

Facebook Spaces It also allows you to call friends in the real world with the video call from Messenger, so that you can bring even more people to the virtual space in VR. Those who have been called will be able to answer the call from their mobile phone and open a window in the virtual world, in order to have an innovative way to spend time chatting and being together, wherever you are.Facebook Spaces Avatar

Virtual reality to keep under control

Facebook Spaces aims at become a meeting place for everyone. We will have total control of our VR experience, and we will have the option to pause the tool at any time. Pausing allows you to move in a quiet space in which to get away from other people and activities. Among the various options, you can choose to disable some friends or remove them from our Facebook Spaces. The connection with friends and family aims at mutual trust, so that VR remains a positive place for everyone. The risk that we want to avoid that this new experience, even more realistic, can degenerate into something unpleasant or even dangerous. The past experiences of 3D worlds have not been very successful. But Facebook Spaces a whole other thing: for the first time the "inhabitants" of virtual reality are friends (or presumed such) therefore the power to convince oneself to be in reality much higher, with all that follows, for good and in bad.

When Facebook Spaces will be available

For now the beta version being launched and people who own an Oculus Rift can download it: in fact available in the viewer store. The new dimension of Facebook will certainly be added as soon as it starts, as Facebook receives feedback, in order to make the virtual reality experience more meaningful and available on multiple platforms over time. There social VR seems to have started and aims to transform the way people around the world can stay in touch with their communities and loved ones.