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Eudora and Opera, allies.

Eudora and Opera, allies. | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Eudora has long been one of the most popular applications to manage email on Mac, Opera has long promised to make a version for Mac, from today they have one thing in common: plans for the future. We have all suffered, even on our skin, the spread of browsers such as Internet Explorer or Outlook for emails and it seems impossible that they will be replaced, in most Macs, by an always valid Eudora (with the hard core of loyal users) and by a browser that still has to to be born, but an extra step has been taken to achieve this goal for now very far. It seems the one with the most problems, between the two companies (not for nothing is the only one that has released the press release, Eudora no); after the idea of ??sponsoring the browser (already seen in Eudora, in fact) and the strident one (in the sense of the noise that the nails produce when trying to cling to the mirrors) of the Celtic languages, now that of joining in promotion and marketing to the historic Qualcomm program. Will this alliance work or are the last desperate cries of pain before the sinking due to powerful cannon shots from Redmond?

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