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Configure IPTV lists with Kodi: quick and complete guide

Kodi one of the most interesting media center software; open source and in continuous development.

The application available for many platforms and the basis of a Linux distro (OpenELEC) that has become famous above all for piracy (with attached addons) and thanks to IPTV lists.

An IPTV list made of a small text file, containing a series of links to the streams that contain direct streaming.

Kodi is certainly not the only app capable of using IPTV lists (free and private), for example we also talked about how to see IPTV with VLC but certainly the most comfortable and complete one to use with the remote controller.

We have already spoken extensively about Kodi, in the user guide where you will find useful information for installation and configuration. In this article we will focus on best IPTV lists for Kodi and how to insert them. For other add-ons and extensions, refer to the guide to the best add-ons for Kodi.

The best IPTV lists for Kodi

IPTV lists as we explained in the post dedicated to the phenomenon, are divided into two large groups: free and freely available on the net and those private.

In general the free lists are completely unsuitable for viewing sporting events and matches football streaming because as the number of connected users increases, performance drops drastically. For this reason, the best free IPTV lists only contain free-to-air channels (freely viewable).

We have dedicated an article to the best free IPTV lists that if inserted on Kodi guarantee a good experience because they take advantage of the official flows taken from their respective official sites. But surely you too will have a friend who considers himself a genius, and prides himself on being able to see all the sporting events thanks to one list for a few euros.

There are many online, at a cost of about 10 euros per month, these are private IPTV lists illegal which contain all Pay channels (paid). Those who use them risk a strong fine (up to 2000 euros) and other legal problems.


At the moment, many customers have been prosecuted (unlike what someone might believe, not only those who sell them are prosecuted) and the smart ones have at least had a good VPNno logs (which does not store user information) to hide their identity and avoid getting caught (those recommended for these activities are NordVPN and IPVanish).

Enter an IPTV list on Kodi

To use an IPTV list on Kodi you must enable the ISR client, it only takes a few steps to do it.

You need an IPTV list, you can find one for free above or do a search on Google.

Insert an IPTV list on Kodi 17 and later versions

The procedure changed starting from the version of Kodi 17; from this version on:

  1. Open the application, select "TV" and then on "Insert browser Add-on"

enter add on kodi

  1. Then click on "IPTV Simple Client" and then on "Install"
  2. Once the installation is complete, you can go to a quick configuration (to enter the IPTV URL, or the .m3u file).

For configuration:

  1. Go to "IPTV Simple Client" again (from "Add-on"> "Insert browser Add-on")
  2. Click on the "Configure" button
  3. If you have the URL, leave "Remote Destination" and enter it as a second entry

iptv for kodi

  1. If you have the .m3u file instead, at the first item you have to choose "Local destination" and under "indicate the path of the file".
  2. At this point you can press on "OK" and the list will be loaded.

Once the client is configured on the home of Kodi just go to "TV" to find the channels.

Enter an IPTV list on Kodi 16 and SPMC

There are slight differences for Kodi version 16 and for this reason we have dedicated this sub-paragraph. To use an IPTV on Kodi 16:

  1. Go to "System" then "Settings" and "Add-On"
  2. Choose "My Add-ons" and then on "PVR Client"

PVR client among the Kodi add-ons

  1. Choose "PVR IPTV Simple Client" and then press "Configure"
  2. In the "General" tab in the first item you can choose the remote or local source
  3. In the first case, in the second entry you can enter the address, in the second case you can put the path of the .m3u file.
  4. At this point you can press on "OK" and then on "Enable".

The channels will be loaded and the new TV voice will appear on the Kodi home.

In case of errors, to review the configuration or simply replace the list, simply repeat the steps described above.

The best Kodi Addons with IPTV lists

There are several valid add-ons that allow you to have updated free lists, sometimes containing only free-to-air channels, sometimes even Pay channels (these latter, as we said, do not shine for stability).

The best add-ons for those who need free IPTV lists are:

  • KLTV – a valid and updated addon that offers only free-to-air channels;
  • ANGELOADDON – a valid Italian addon with many lists including the one with TVTap channels (known and appreciated streaming app);
  • TV Supertuga – an international addon full of IPTV lists;
  • SkyWord – an effective addon with different lists always updated;
  • IPTV stallion – one of the most complete addons are channels of every kind and every country (also Italian).