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Buy Windows 10 and Office 2016 under 5 euros

If you have decided tobuy Windows 10, know that there is a very economic solution that allows you to save hundreds of euros, taking advantage of the famous onesESD licenses. There are more and more stores on the net that offer them, for this reason we have decided to dedicate an in-depth analysis to the topic in this article, so as to clarify the nature, the origin, and the legitimacy of these economic licenses.

Here is a brief index of our article:

What are ESD licenses

With the license name ESD (acronym forElectronic Software Delivery) Microsoft indicates the licenses for its software distributed only in virtual format (therefore downloadable), without box ns physical support.

ESD Windows and Office licenses

Microsoft officially distributes ESD licenses for its software (WindowsisOffice)to private customers only through the Microsoft Store or through the partner Digital River.

Often the company allocates rich stock of licenses to groups of people, or institutions: the developers registered with TechNet eMSDN, some universities or schools that have entered into agreements with the company, entire companies, some computer manufacturers.

Why are ESD licenses so cheap?

Because Microsoft has provided huge quantities of licenses to companies and associations. Often these stocks far outweigh the needs of these institutions, which therefore have resold and continue to resell surpluses. These disused keys flooded the European market after the lawTHERE IS. C-128 of 2011 causing prices to drop.

Windows 10 Price Official. On the Microsoft site, we currently start from the cost of 145 for Windows 10 Home up to the cost of 259 for the Windows 10 Pro version, so you can understand how convenient it is to buy an ESD license.

Are ESD licenses legal?

The debate is raging online, actually in Europe if the legislation does not change their use and purchase they seem completely legal.

Those who claim that ESD licenses are illegal refer to the violation of the EULA, the license agreement says that it is not possible to transfer licenses from a stock to third parties. They neglect that the license agreement is only an agreement between private individuals that cannot go against European legislation. The legislationTHERE IS. C-128/2011clearly states that the author of a computer programcannot oppose the resale of licenses already owned by third parties, the interpretation was confirmed by the sentence of 3 July 2012 (case C-128/11).

In Europe, legislation on any private agreement (EULA) prevails, while in the United States, license agreements are much more binding. Due to this rule practically all ESD license sellers are based in Europe.

Can Microsoft Block ESD Licenses?

Theoretically s, According to the license agreement, Microsoft has the possibility to block the unduly sold licenses, in Europe forhe definitely has his hands tied by legislation.

For this reason, the Microsoft help desk, questioned several times on the matter, has made it known that it does not keep any records of discarded licenses, and has not even threatened mass deactivations. Microsoft's help desk obviously recommends purchasing ESD licenses only from official channels. The lack of a register of sold and abandoned licenses underlines that Microsoft probably has no intention of intervening.

Microsoft by deactivating the discarded licenses would risk serious legal problems in Europe, problems with its customers (sometimes only a small percentage of excess licenses in the stocks are sold to third parties), and damage to the image.

In fact, it is legitimate to think that the business of ESD licensing pays off at Microsoft, in that limit piracy among an audience that would hardly have purchased a more expensive license key. Less piracy means, less malware and more security derived from automatic updates, and therefore a clear improvement of the image among the public of the Windows system.

Additionally, I have personally purchased several Office and Windows ESD licenses for family and friends over the past three years and all of them to date continue to work great.

Differences between ESD, OEM and Retail licenses

To be very synthetic:

  • ESD licenses, are those sold without physical support and often in stock that we have defined above, generally they are not tied to a machine, therefore changing motherboard can be reused.
  • OEM licenses, are licenses intended only for those who build PCs, an OEM license that is generally not very expensive and is linked to the motherboard of the computer. In case of replacement, a new key is required.
  • Retail licenses, are among the only three really intended for private consumers, they have no limits and the software is provided with physical support.

Where should I buy an ESD license?

We recommend buying ESD licenses especially through the eBay site, both for Windows 10 and for Office, using Paypal as a payment method, for two simple reasons:

  • Customer protection, if you are not satisfied with the key, you can simply complain and take back what you have spent.
  • Sellers are terrified of negative feedback, therefore they are quick to replace any non-working keys, or to return the money to you.

A few minutes after the purchase, an email or a message usually arrives on eBay containing the license key purchased.

In case you buy licenses for a company reality, or for an activity, strongly recommended to buy licenses only from those who issue a regular invoiceso that in case of control you can expose it and prove ownership of your key. Another alternative is to buy Windows 10 on Amazon, but prices will double if they do not triple.

A minority of dishonest sellers sell modified versions via KMS, fortunately avoid the simple trap: just a trick, you don't have to never download Windows and Office from the links that sellers provideThe license key must always be tested either on your version of the programs or using the official ones made available by Microsoft.

The necessary for installation can be downloaded for free in complete safety from the Microsoft website:

What are the best deals to buy a Windows ESD key?

Here are the best offers to have one at a very low pricewindows 10 license:

Once purchased and received the license, also calledproduct key windows 10 or serial, you just have to download Windows 10 Pro or Home as indicated in the article linked in the previous paragraph and activate your operating system. The same goes for Windows 7 and Windows 8, through ebay you can find great offers like these:

What are the best deals to buy an Office ESD key?

Here are the best offers to get a Key:

In conclusion

Is it worth buying an ESD license key? The answer is, especially if this avoids using KMS and tools for activation. If you are the geek who repairs the PCs of relatives and family and installs Office, the use of these keys could avoid a lot of trouble.