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Best eBook reader for Android

If you are looking for the best eBook reader for Android, it means that you are considering the possibility of using digital books for your readings. Are you already thinking about the weight and bulk of all your paper books to take on a trip or on vacation? Don't be surprised if you need a suitcase dedicated only to books! But today you can save space and health by taking your favorite books in digital format (eBook) and reading them comfortably via your smartphone or (preferably) your Android tablet.

To read an eBook you need, in addition to the reading file, also an app to be installed on the device that allows you to read the digital book. This app is called eBook Reader and differs according to the format of the eBook. I recommend you read the following guide to navigate through the different eBook formats:

LINK | What are the different eBook formats

Best eBook reader for Android

Find out in this guide what the best eBook reader for Android and what formats are read by the various readers.

best eBook reader for Android

Among all the apps available in the Google Play Store for reading a digital book, what I consider without a doubt the best eBook reader for Android Prestige eReader.

This app really offers everything you need to read any book in electronic format. The really fast and snappy eBook reader, even with heavier eBooks you will hardly notice a slowdown or a freeze due to the opening of a book of over 1500 pages.

Among the most important features you can find:

  • Support for the following eBook formats: ePub, ePub3, Mobi, Adobe DRM;
  • In addition to the specific formats for digital books, it also allows you to read PDF, RTF and HTML files;
  • Change book size and text display (increase and decrease the font size);
  • Automatic scan of device memory to add new books;
  • Support for themes, so as to decide the appearance of your digital library (the iPhone style theme is also supported);
  • Advanced cataloging through Book Collections, able to store your books according to the desired criteria (genre, author, reading frequency);
  • Dedicated online shop with 48,000 free eBooks to read and over a million eBooks to read;
  • Synchronization of bookmarks and collections.

In addition to these characteristics, they certainly stand out Cloud features: you can associate your favorite cloud service (Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive) and take the books to read directly from there, without taking up space on your device; just enter the Cloud section, choose the book and continue reading.

You can also get a wide selection of books with free download.

If you are interested in downloading the best eBook reader for Android don't waste any more time and get yourself Prestige eReader for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Prestige eReader

Download eBooks for free

Don't you want to spend even one euro for reading? In case I can announce that they are available numerous sites from which to download free eBooks;hundreds of eBooks of novels, detective stories and many other literary genres are ready to be loaded onto your Android device. To learn more, read the specific guide by clicking on the following link.

LINK | Where to download Free eBooks in Italian

Other eBook readers

In addition to eReader Prestigio, other equally valid apps are also available for reading eBooks on an Android device. To know other valid alternatives, I invite you to read the dedicated guide available at the link below.

LINK | Android eBook Reader: the best apps