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Basketball on Messenger, only 1% of players go over 30 baskets

More is played in the Philippines than in the United States, but very few are able to bring home good results

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<p>Those who have not heard of Steph Curryd in front of Messenger need not fear: they are part of the vast majority of users who have tried to play basketball through the Facebook messaging service and have not been able to stand out.</p><div class=

of 43.7 million players who have ventured into the world 700 million games – the goal of the 300 million had already been achieved within a week of its debut in March only 1% managed to reach 30 points.

And if not only did you not manage to make 30, but not even ten, yes in the vast majority. 56.8% recorded one to ten points, 33.3% from 11 to 20, 9% from 21 to 30. Only 0.82% managed to take home from 31 to 40 points and the 0.08% above 41 points.

Who plays more:users from the Philippines, followed by those from the United States, Great Britain, Thailand and France.


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