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Apple, will the difficulties continue?

Apple, will difficulties continue? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Between 225 and 250 million losses, which will mean more or less 65 cents per share in red, and above all a further lowering of the profit expectations for the current fiscal quarter. These will be the main, and certainly not very welcome, announcements that will be made during Apple's conference today. The prediction of the main observers and analysts of the Mac world according to which the apple people must expect a persistence of difficulties for the coming months. "The products presented in San Francisco – says Richard Gardner of Salomon Smith Barney – are interesting, as well as the strategies that have been announced, but we believe that the current quarter, which closes in March, will also be lower than expected. There are still too many products in the channels. "An opinion shared in substance also by Steve Fortuna, of Merril Lynch:" Despite some interesting announcements and demonstrations of relevant technologies – says Fortuna – we think that in the short to medium term Apple's performance will be lower than expected ". According to analysts, it is necessary to wait for iTunes and iDVD to make a contribution to sales:" None of the consumer products – reads an article by C / Net – is sold with CD-RW or a burner DVD ?, and this would prevent the two interesting software from driving the market. The situation, well, to remember, could begin to change as early as February when new iMacs that cannot be ruled out will have a rewritable CD in great probability. Analysts during this evening's conference (starting at 11 pm Italian time ) await with particular interest some data that could allow you to get a more precise idea of ??Apple's future, including the level of stocks in the channels (in mid-December it was around 11 weeks) and possibly the announcement of a new strategy for the creation of a chain of stores with the Apple brand.The conference to present the tax results that should be held by Fred Anderson and, perhaps with the participation of Steve Jobs himself, will be broadcast live via audio. Macity will follow the event with frequent updates.

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