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Answer calls on iPhone by bringing it closer to your ear [Tweak]

Answer calls on iPhone

Touching the display of your iPhone to answer an incoming call in some cases can be annoying when for example you have wet or dirty hands. It may also not activate the touch screen and cause you to miss the call. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can completely solve this problem, thanks to a free tweak that allows you to answer calls on the iPhone instantly without having to interact with the phone screen.

Answer calls on iPhone without touching the screen

Of course, this is a feature already present on the iPhone and you can enable "Automatic call answering?(Present with iOS 11) to answer hands-free phone calls. For the function, it will answer regardless of the type of call. Automatic answer calls from telemarketing are not exactly ideal. So, if you want to achieve a result of mediation between comfort and privacy, you should definitely try "RaisetoAnswer (iOS 11)".

As the name suggests, RaiseToAnswer (iOS 11) works on the jailbroken iPhone with iOS 11. But if you recently jailbroken iOS 12, don't worry, the tweak also works on this firmware without problems. We tested it and it worked smoothly. The tweak works for both incoming calls and FaceTime audio calls.

How to install Verne's Repo

RaiseToAnswer (iOS 11) not available within Cydia or Sileo, therefore it is necessary to install an external repository to download the tweak. Basically, just add to the list ?Sources?For both apps. It should be noted that any repositories added in Cydia will not be added automatically in Sileo and vice versa.

How to install RaiseToAnswer

With the repository installed, open Cydia or Sileo, type "RaiseToAnswer"In the search field in the bar"Search", So be sure to select" RaiseToAnswer (iOS 11) ", as other previous versions will not work on your iPhone. Awards ?install"(Cydia) or"Get"(Sileo).

Now, select "Confirm"(Cydia) or scroll up from the bottom of the card"Queue"And touch"Confirm?Next to it (Sileo). Wait a moment for installation, then tap "Restart SpringBoard".

Answer calls by bringing iPhone close to your ear

RaiseToAnswer is enabled as soon as the iPhone restarts – there is no settings page to access and no switches to activate or deactivate. All you need to do is lift your iPhone and place it on your ear to automatically answer incoming calls.

We tested the tweak on a jailbroken iPhone SE on iOS 11.2.1, as well as an iPhone 8 and X on iOS 12 and 12.1.1 and found that the tweak works perfectly. In addition, you can always respond using a finger on the screen if you wish, as tweak does not replace that function.

Keep in mind that due to its hidden system tweak status, you will have to completely uninstall the RaiseToAnswer tweak if you want to disable its gesture-based response feature.