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AMD: 700MHz laptop chip

AMD: 700MHz laptop chip | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

AMD's race does not stop and after aiming at the desktop sector and eroded part of Intel's supremacy, it now aims at laptops.Yesterday AMD presented a laptop version of its Athlon, a Duron processor with low consumption and low heating which aims to establish itself significantly in the growing universe of travel computers. Competition in this particularly important sector, so much so that to hasten the release of Duron AMD decided to take a step back from its original plans to base the chip on a new architecture, codenamed Morgan, but to use the Spitfire architecture Duron has 192KB cache memory, 64KB second level cache and 200MHz data bus. The data buses of Intel chips (and PPC chips) of only 100 MHz.Duron will be available from this week in cuts of 600 and 700 MHz and the first manufacturer to use them will be NEC which will begin selling in late January only in Japan. Subsequently it should make its appearance in other laptops that will be on the market around the world with prices around $ 1800, about 4 million lire. AMD meanwhile already heralds the release of a successor to the Duron for laptops. It would be a chip, codenamed Palomino, which will reach 900 MHz and will go on sale in the next quarter.

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