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Altec Lansing Upgrader: everyone's own headset

The Altec Lansing projects are always in turmoil: this time the attention paid to headphones and earphones soon to be released. In this specific case, the "birth" effect of a triple fertilization, in which, in addition to AL, the Californian Plantronics and Ultimate Ears, world leader in the production of earphones for professionals, the first has contributed to the ergonomic design, and the second to the realization of the products more oriented to the professional market.

The result of this triple tangible understanding in the new series of Upgrader earphones, soon arriving in Italy thanks to ADL. Earphones of various kinds, able to satisfy different listening needs but united by the search for the comfort of sound quality.

The Upgrader series is divided into two different lines for seven overall models.

The SnugFit line was designed for those who want to get a total immersion in the musical experience; soundproofing ensured for complete involvement in listening.

Three SnugFit models:In-Ear SnugFit, earphones made in collaboration with Ultimate Ears. Two models are available, alternatively equipped with a soundproofing system via microdriver (89.99 Euros) or shielding (129.99 Euros).

Snug Fit Earbud, particular model of earphones that, thanks to Golden Ear technology, ensures excellent sound insulation without being ergonomically invasive. The pavilions are modeled on the shape of the ear to ensure a perfect fit; they are available both in sponge (29.99 Euro) and in three different sizes in silicone (49.99 Euro).

Snuf Fit OverEar, brushed steel headphones, light but robust. They integrate Bluetooth technology and, alternatively, Active Noise Reduction (199.99 Euros) or SRS surround sound (119.99 Euros).

The second AirFit line, designed for those looking for earphones or headphones that allow you to maintain contact with the external environment, for example during sports and work activities.

Four Airfit models:

Ear Clip AirFit Small is EarClip AirFit Large, headphones made of stainless steel and silicone. Resistant to humidity, they are ideal for sports. Available in Small (39.99 Euro) and Large (59.88 Euro) versions.

AirFit BehindNeck is AirFit OnEar, earphones with titanium frame. Lightweight and trendy design, they include wireless technology and bows or rear (79.99 Euros) or higher (89.99 Euros), also in titanium.

Altec Lansing's Upgrader devices will be on the shelves over the next few months.