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Activate announces the distribution of Gear4 products

Attiva will be the distributor of English Gear4 for Italy. Among the prominent products of the company whose stands we visited both at the Paris Expo and at the Mac Expo in London, we find BluEye, HouseParty 24/7 and StreetParty.

BlueEye it allows you to transfer incoming and outgoing calls from your Bluetooth 2.0 mobile phone directly to the iPod, showing the calling number on the display and pausing for the duration of the conversation. In addition to the innovative telephone functions, BluEye integrates a versatile 15 preset FM radio tuner. It connects to iPod via the dock socket, and compatible with iPod 4G, 5G, Mini and Nano 1G and 2G, as well as all Bluetooth 2.0 mobile phones. It also has a spring clip. The retail price of 89.90 Euros.

HouseParty 24/7 a 2.1 audio system that offers in a single device the alarm functions (dual programmable alarm) with AM / FM radio reception and the sound quality of a 2.1 system: 6W for speaker and 12W for the subwoofer, with integrated ActiveBass 2.1 technology. Compact volume, sober and minimalist design. Compatible with iPod nano 1G and 2G, iPod mini, iPod 4G and 5G. A practical remote control is supplied. Public price: 149.90 Euros.

House Party III a speaker with integrated radio functions, compatible with any iPod equipped with a dock connector. The retractable dock placed in front allows the connection and charging of the iPod. House Party III offers 30 Watts of power to be used with iPod music, with the integrated FM radio or with other audio devices, thanks to the supplied audio cable. There is an LED display to view the FM frequency, a practical remote control and a USB access for data transfer. It is sold for 119.90 Euros

StreetParty a portable speaker of compact size and fashionable design, equipped with 2 audio outputs of 3W each. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries, to be carried anywhere, thanks also to the very minimal weight. Compatible with iPod nano 1G and 2G. The retail price of 49.90 Euros